End-to-end, data-driven healthcare marketing.

Find new, high-value patients automatically with next-generation artificial intelligence.

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Find, engage, and acquire more high-value patients with artificial intelligence.

Singularity Healthcare is a turnkey, AI-powered marketing solution built for hospitals and private practices of all sizes. The Singularity Platform uses state of the art technology to find high quality leads and automatically engage them with hyper-personalized ads and marketing materials designed to convert them into new patients.

AI-Powered Marketing

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to target more high-value leads, engage them with personalized marketing across every touchpoint, and self-optimize along the way.

End-to-End, Turnkey

Your entire marketing funnel, streamlined into one, done-for-you service. From marketing content creation and campaign setup to digital ad management and patient scheduling with 24/7 call center support.

Built for Healthcare

HIPAA-compliant security, pre-built lead nurturing funnels, and omnichannel campaign plans that cater to the unique needs of healthcare companies. AI Marketing for Healthcare.

See how you can make the most out of your marketing budget by scheduling an AI-powered demo campaign.

Singularity's Approach to Patient Acquisition

Healthcare marketing. Revolutionized.

Automate your entire marketing funnel with artificial intelligence. Our team creates custom landing pages, digital ads and marketing content specifically for your company.

Never miss a potential new patient with our 24/7 call center support and online patient scheduling to instantly book consultations.


Our artificial intelligence has been trained from scratch using a blend of demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to find new patients who are likely to need the services that you provide.


Potential patients are engaged using hyper-personalized marketing content designed according to your unique company needs and brand guidelines. Your marketing becomes automated as our platform engages leads across every channel using Facebook and Google ads, email campaigns, chatbots and more.


Artificial Intelligence Lead Scoring enables the Singularity platform to automatically adjust its strategies based on real-time feedback. Get the most out of every lead by nudging them along the sales funnel with timely, relevant follow-up engagements.


With online patient scheduling and 24/7 call center support, the Singularity platform works seamlessly with your scheduling department to turn leads into patients. Reduce no-shows with automatic appointment reminders and re-engage previous patients.

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